Photo: Ulstein Group.Photo: Ulstein Group

Ulstein Group: Greening and Cleaning Norway's Shipping Industry

Norwegian company Ulstein Group ASA is thinking bigger, greener and cleaner to reduce emissions from the maritime industry and enhance the use of renewable energy.

Yesterday was a productive day for the Ulstein Group. Firstly, the company signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with Color Line for the construction of the world’s largest hybrid vessel. Secondly, they also signed a contract with Netherlands-based Acta Marine B.V. for a ship designed to develop offshore wind farms.

These are important developments for the Ulstein Group, but the company is also demonstrating the business opportunities that comes from the emphasis on sustainability and renewables.

In addition to illustrating a shift in the maritime industry itself, these developments will have wider environmental repercussions. Color Line’s new hybrid ship will service Sandefjort-Strömstad from mid-2019. By relying on rechargeable batteries and green electricity, the ferry will reduce its emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and nitrogen and sulphur compounds.

Similarly, the design of a new ship for offshore windfarm construction will enhance supply of clean and renewable energy. The vessels will be suitable for commissioning and construction as well as performing maintenance tasks on completed wind firms.

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